New details of the criminal assassination of Sardar Soleimani

“The Americans collaborated with the Zionist regime and the security agents of Iraqi Kurdistan in the assassination of Sardar Soleimani,” Yahoo News wrote in a detailed report based on interviews with 15 US officials.

Kurdish agents in airport uniforms guided the plane to the parking lot and carried the suitcases of Sardar Soleimani’s team, whose task was to identify the commander and confirm his arrival.

Israel, which had Sardar Soleimani’s mobile number, was also working on tracking his cell phone.  According to the United States, Sardar had changed his mobile phone three times before the flight.

At the scene of the assassination, three triangular snipers monitored the vehicle, one of whose camera was attached to the monitors of the US Embassy, which commanded the operation.

The Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region denied involvement in the assassination of Sardar Soleimani
Spokesman for the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Counter-Terrorism Unit: A report has been released in which a number of Kurdish officers have been indirectly accused of involvement in the assassination of General Soleimani.  We firmly deny any knowledge, information or involvement of the counter-terrorism forces in this operation.

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