Armenian Defense Ministry

Armenian Defense Ministry releases video of UAV attacks on Azerbaijani army positions.

7 Azerbaijani servicemen and one civilian killed in clashes with Armenian army.

ARMENIA ★ 07/14/20 The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan published a video on the destruction of a long-term firing point (Pill) of the Armed Forces of Armenia (VIDEO) ⇢

Armenia does not report casualties.

Increased casualties following the escalation of border tensions between Azerbaijan and ArmeniaOn the third day of border tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia, seven members of the army and one Azerbaijani civilian and four Armenian soldiers were killed.

Azerbaijani Deputy Defense Minister Karim Valiyev has announced the presence of a general and an army colonel among those killed in last night’s and this morning’s clashes in the Tavuz region.

At the same time, Azerbaijani Defense Minister Waqif Dargahli announced that the Azerbaijani army had shot down a UAV belonging to the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and targeted an artillery unit.

Meanwhile, Shushan Stepanian, spokesman for the Armenian Defense Minister, also claimed that it was the Armenian Air Defense Force that shot down a drone.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has released several more videos of the suicide attacks of the Armenian army drones on the positions of the Armenian army, two of which are enough to send.

The attacks of the two countries on each other’s positions are not strange. The interesting thing about the recent clashes between the two countries (even Syria and Libya) is the increasing use of suicide drones and drones equipped with guided ammunition.

While the world’s leading armies are grappling with the challenge of dealing with UAVs, and especially Swarm Attacks, these types of weapons systems are finding their place in small, not-so-small armies.

Although these systems have not been able to play the role of a strategic weapon with the ability to change balance in recent conflicts, they have shown that they can play an important role in advancing the tactical goals of their own forces in combination with other elements of the battlefield.