An important and useful change in FONIX 4.3 Ransomware

(must be read in full.)

Due to the reports of some users about the opening of a small number of files (incomplete, of course) and also the reduction of payments, the Phoenix support team thought of a way to solve this problem and finally managed to solve this problem in a unique way. It became known that this version of ransomware will be available to you soon.

As most of you know, most powerful ransomware now encrypts only part of its file to speed up encryption so that the file does not run properly (for example, Dharma and Fonix encrypt 300 KB of each file). Performance greatly speeds up ransomware, but in some cases can give the victim a chance to recover some of their file (for example, in text files, a number of archival files such as zippers, some files Database and recovery) / In terms of encryption of the whole file is almost impossible due to time consuming (encryption of a single file in this case takes about 18 hours).

Well, let’s get to the point
With a creative and unique idea from version 4.3, the Phoenix team is able to completely recover files (some of which are txt, zip, rar, and some database and backup files) without increasing the encryption time (depending on File types in some cases decrease and in some cases increase speed).

Version 4.3 changes:

– Full encryption of files that can be recovered by deleting or replacing the header.
– Change the appearance of the user guide file (How To Decrypt Files.hta)
– Added config file
– Multi-trading Network Scanner: Scan and mount all networks and increase speed during execution
– Fixed minor crashes and bugs.

– Do not run the ransom more than 2 times using MUTEX at the same time
– Startup improvement

Note that the information panel is not yet complete.
Will be completed soon (version 4.4)

Update Tips + How to use the config file will be posted soon

Sincerely – Fonix Support Team