TBOCBack in September of 2011 not long after the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I was afforded an opportunity by Secureworld Expo to give a luncheon keynote on Online Gaming as a Method for Jihadist Training. The presentation had been sitting gathering dust for nearly two years prior to the keynote and has been sitting gathering more dust since the delivery in Santa Clara.

Cyber Jihadists, the Taliban and other extremist organizations continue to hone their skills and have been using online gaming as a method to improve operational efficiencies in the field. This presentation discusses the brief history of this evolution and the use (as Treadstone 71 has been stating for years) of our infrastructure and technology against us.  What should be of significant interest is the evolution to highly effective and efficient technologies that are used to train for missions and analyze mission results. The same methods and tools used by Western Military.

The file is in PowerPoint Show format.


Treadstone 71

Gaming as a Method for Jihadist Training (downloadable PowerPoint Show)

http://youtu.be/J4Ra5wl0saY (YouTube version)



By Treadstone 71

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