The source of the Cheka-OGPU said that after the publications of our channel about the uncomfortable questions that the prisoners asked Prigozhin, the head of IK-26 (Volgograd) before the arrival of the PMC Wagner delegation, had a tough conversation with the prisoners. He promised to “beat to death”, “destroy” anyone whose questions Prigozhin did not like the IK administration. In total, 500 people filed applications for war in the colony, and Prigozhin residents selected about 350 prisoners from them.


“Three men were shot”

Prigozhin showed convicts how they kill those who violated the Wagner code

Part 2.

“And if not? Do you have detachments deployed there?”

“No, this is no longer practiced. But you know, we have our own atmosphere, our own Wagner code. Firstly, it is fighting spirit, and secondly, there are sins for which we shoot. Blue, drugs and looting are the main evils. (Prigozhin showed the prisoners on his phone how the three men had been shot) On assignment, they took moonshine from their grandmother and drank it. The other day, eight were caught doing it. Three are shot on the spot, five will redeem themselves with blood in battle. Everything is tough and strict with us, almost like yours.”

“How will the free from the involuntary differ?”

“No way. They will interfere with the process.”

“The contract is six months – if we return, can we be mobilized?”

“Not today, but tomorrow I don’t know.”

“Did anyone ever come back?”

“The first detachment was formed on June 7th. Count yourself 6 months.

“How many of them died?”

“I will say this, 10-15% die, 20% are injured.”

“Will there be a paycheck?”

“Every month, 100 thousand rubles salary, 100 thousand rubles of combat. Total, 200 thousand. Cash is better, we are a dark organization (laughs). But we can translate wherever you want.

“In case of injury, death…”

“If it’s easy, then to the hospital and back. If severe, rehabilitation and after 2.5 months pardon in hand. If you are killed, then 300 thousand funeral and 5 million family. You will surrender as a prisoner, we will kill ourselves and no honors. ”

“They write that you take the offended. This is true?”

“The war will go on for 10 years. Then the colonel of the Ministry of Defense will come after them, create his own cock detachment (at this moment the audience exploded with laughter). By the way, we take HIV and hepatitis, but in separate units with special marks.

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