Learn about the Spider Team that conquered government websites

Who is the Spider Team?
It is a group of people interested in penetration testing and programming where the team currently consists of 22 members of different nationalities
An introduction to the most important team members
Team Leader: The current team leader holds the nickname S49_hack and holds Yemeni citizenship. He specifically targets Gulf websites, servers and companies.
  His account on the instagram platform
Deputy Commander: He is the former leader of the team and holds the title of Raider of Syrian origin and holds Turkish citizenship. He is one of the team’s founders and a member of the Gaza Cybergang team
  His account on the instagram platform
The most important programmer in the team: Muhammad Turki Al-Aloush, bears the nickname Database HK of Syrian origin. He is the founder of Programmer Tech and one of the bloggers at harmash.com.
  His account on the instagram platform
The rest of the team members are divided into penetration testers and programmers
  As for their nationalities, they are divided between Syrian – Yemeni – Egyptian – Palestinian – Jordanian – Sudanese – Algerian – Iraqi
The team’s official accounts