10,000 Facebook accounts in 144 countries, including Arab countries, were obtained through a Trojan called FlyTrap.
Researchers at Zimperium have discovered a malware called FlyTrap, a type of Trojan or Trojan that steals Facebook accounts and sends them to a C2 server.
Malware infects the device through programs found on official stores!!!!
9 programs that illusion that you will get free things like Netflix or a program to vote on the best player in Europe.
Programs require you to login to Facebook to get free services.  In fact, you enter Facebook, but you steal your session and other information such as:
Your IP.
– The email.
– Location.
The problem remained that researchers discovered gaps in the servers that would enable anyone to obtain this information.
The programs are simple and read on, so you know what to do if you encounter this problem.
GG Voucher (com.luxcarad.carded)
Vote European Football (com.gardenguides.plantingfree)
GG Coupon Ads (com.free_coupon.gg_free_coupon)
GG Voucher Ads (com.m_application.app_moi_6)
GG Voucher (com.free.voucher)
Chatfuel (com.ynsuper.chatfuel)
Net Coupon (com.free_coupon.net_coupon)
Net Coupon (com.movie.net_coupon)
EURO 2021 Official (com.euro2021)
I would like to tell you that the owners of this software can use your account and send messages to the people you have and keep it quiet.
How are you exposed to these situations?
The first thing, there is no need for free.  I mean, there is no program or application to guide you, Netflix for free.  The first thing you see is something like this that I run away.
Second, you need to always download the programs that you really need.  Many viruses spread through these programs.  I mean, why do you download something trying your luck with an app you know nothing about?!
The next thing I would like to talk about is that you have to download programs from the official stores, but keep in mind that this malware was in programs from the store.  Here you often got away from me.
Look my friend.  When the programs are installed on the stores, they are really clean, but the attackers still use many methods to deceive these stores and download updates that contain malicious software?
Take, for example, the Joker software, every once in a while, it is discovered in the official stores, and you are called and come back again, fiercer than the first.
According to studies, about 68% of malware comes from official stores.
I mean, what do we do, O Bashmandz Mahma?
You go back to the first two points and these things work on your device:
Your device must be a long speaker.
  In September, Google will prevent access to its services for devices with Android 2.3.7 or lower.
You must have an antivirus program and keep it up to date.
  Don’t rely on Google Play Protect to fail the AV-Test.
Use 2FA on all your accounts.
Check the permissions or permissions required by the programs you download.

By Treadstone 71

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