Belts and Roads

Weekly digest of news on the situation in Asia (June 13-19)

Key➖ On the formation of electronic warfare units in Japan.➖ On the activities of the PLA Navy (scout, detachment of ships, June 16).➖ China's position in the global arms market.➖ Status of the PLA Missile Forces.➖ Assessment of the regional security of the Asia-Pacific region.➖ About the exercise of the 80th Army of the PLA.➖ The US is upgrading a facility in the Pacific Ocean in case of a war with China.➖ About the US…

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National Critical Intelligence Estimate – KSU

The New Silk Road Impact To The United States John Hood – Team Leader Jay Shay – XO Jordan McDonald Candice Carter Randall Mai Approved by: Prof Randall Nichols Background: Building the Belt and Road  Overland Silk Route Risk Assessment  Maritime Silk Route Risk Assessment  Chinese Military Buildup to Support New Silk Road  UAS/UAV Involvement in the New Silk Road  US Involvement in the New Silk Road  Risk Assessments,…

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