➖ On the formation of electronic warfare units in Japan.
➖ On the activities of the PLA Navy (scout, detachment of ships, June 16).
➖ China’s position in the global arms market.
➖ Status of the PLA Missile Forces.
➖ Assessment of the regional security of the Asia-Pacific region.
➖ About the exercise of the 80th Army of the PLA.
➖ The US is upgrading a facility in the Pacific Ocean in case of a war with China.
➖ About the US Armed Forces missile defense exercise.
➖ China completed the construction of the railway.
➖ The third Type 003 aircraft carrier was launched in China.
➖ The struggle for the energy resources of China and Japan in the East China Sea.
➖ About the teachings of the 80th Army in the conditions of urban development.
➖ South Korean fighter is ready for flight tests.
➖ On the supply of military equipment of China’s NVM.
➖ About the first flight of an unmanned aircraft in China.
➖ On the activities of the PLA missile forces.
➖ China plans to use retirees to fight dissent.

➖ Chronology of missile launches in the DPRK.
➖ On the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President of the Republic of Korea on the DPRK.
➖ About US policy towards North Korea (sanctions, pressure).
➖ About nuclear warheads in the DPRK.
➖ About the planned exercise of the US, Japanese and ROK armed forces against the DPRK.
➖ The United States sent a plane for reconnaissance to the DPRK.
➖ The state of the nuclear test site in the DPRK.

➖ Contracts for the supply of American weapons to Taiwan.
➖ Directive of China on the use of armed forces.
➖ US Air Force activities in the Taiwan Strait.
➖ PLA activities in the Taiwan Strait (June 13, June 14, June 13, June 16, June 18, June 19).
➖ Taiwan strengthens relations with Lithuania in the field of semiconductors.
➖ China’s attack on Taiwan will affect global trade flows more than the war in Ukraine.
➖ Taiwan’s military delegation attended the opening of the US-Japan Security Forum.
➖ France is stepping up propaganda on the Taiwan issue.
➖ The United States trains aircrews of the Taiwan Air Force.
➖ About plans to establish a Taiwan UAV research and development center.
➖ On the opening of a Lithuanian representative office in Taiwan.
➖ Plans for the production of infantry fighting vehicles in Taiwan.
➖ Taiwan condemns Russia.
➖ The United States introduced a bill to support Taiwan.
➖ Taiwan admitted that it had sold out to the US.
➖ Map of the actions of the PLA in the event of an attack on Taiwan.
➖ About plans to establish the Ministry of Digital Development of Taiwan.

➖ On the construction by China of a new airfield on the border with India.
➖ The state of Chinese settlements in the border area disputed with India.
➖ On the improvement of operational equipment on the Sino-Indian border.

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