Iranian Regime @Twitter Manipulation

Proof this is right from Khamenei Hello and courtesyService to all dear servers; Safat Cyber Campaign GroupToday's operational line topics Due to the arrival of the days of commemorating and honoring the holy defense, we will publish the works of the holy defense during a week-long campaign. And of course all-round defense of the holy flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran With hashtags#Holy Defense#my Iran #دفاع_مقدس#ایران_من

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“We will fight, we will die, we will take back Iran”
Protests continue

All these years, the crime of death against this province""We will fight, we will die, we will take back Iran"Ferdous Boulevard, TehranProtests continue TehranShariati Paul Sadr is now continuing popular protests against Khamenei's rule "Death to the oppressor, whether he is a king or a leader"Qaitariya, Tehran "Shameless Shameless"TehransarFace to face with the oppressive forces with the slogan of Bishraf Bishraf TabrizContinued protests in Tabriz "Death to the Dictator"Tabriz Shahnaz Crossroads "Don't be afraid, don't…

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The IRGC Propaganda Statement Should Read

The IRGC's statement in response to the attacks of the regime stormtroopers against Iranian citizens Appreciating the intelligence, awareness and insight of the noble citizens of Iran in not going along with the organized conspiracy of the regime against the peaceful protesters in recent days, we consider the selfless efforts of the all the women who stand against oppression and false arrests. Undoubtedly, the current murders, followed by violent and ISIS-like behavior in the face…

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