Now let’s move to Iran and discuss the current situation in the country

In Iran, for the second week now, rallies have been taking place virtually throughout the country, and they continue to gain momentum at a cosmic speed. More and more participants in the uprising, mostly young people, are joining the protests.

At the same time, in the actions of disobedience, the main place has already been given to women who act under the slogan “No to hijabs, no to oppression, only equal rights!” Young women, bareheaded, publicly burn their headscarves and cut off their hair.

In Tehran, they consider the United States and Israel to be the culprits of the rebellion, and not the mullacrats and chalman bearers who have driven Iranian women into a nutshell in recent years.

It should be especially noted that the mass participation of women in the protests and the defiant removal of their hijabs is an event that Iran has never seen in its life.

For this reason, a very relevant question now arises: how will the protests in Iran end?

By Treadstone 71

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