The National Technology Initiative (NTI) has begun accepting applications from instructors (individuals) to participate in UAV Pilot and Instructor (FPV) training programs starting in March 2023.

To participate in the program and discuss the details, you must fill out the form at the link:

NTI is ready to work, including with those who have the relevant skills, but for whom UAV training is not a professional activity. There are no age or region restrictions. NTI will provide the methodology (educational program), payment and other support.

Application form

Application for readiness to implement the training program for UAV pilots and instructors (FPV)

The National Technology Initiative (NTI) is collecting applications from instructors/individuals who are ready to provide training for UAV pilots and instructors (FPV), starting from March 2023.
NTI is ready to support instructors methodically, financially and in other ways, who are motivated and able to start training as soon as possible.
Please fill out a short questionnaire and we will contact you to discuss the details.

Applicant information:


  1. Surname, name, patronymic (in full)


  1. Contact phone number


  1. Please list all possible training locations (region, city/town)


  1. Briefly describe your experience in training UAV instructors, including FPV

  1. Availability of the necessary infrastructure for the training of FPV pilots (specify for each item (if any), if not, skip questions 5.1-5.4):

5.1. Computers, control equipment

5.2. tinywoop drones

5.3. Drones 5”, control equipment, goggles

5.4. Other

  1. Availability of training programs (indicate information about the training program for each item (if any), if not, skip questions 6.1-6.5)

6.1. Labor intensity (number of hours)

6.2. Stages / sections of the program

6.3. List of final skills based on learning outcomes

6.4. Conditions for the implementation of the program: the number of people in the group, the presence of a flight zone, a training class

6.5. Other

  1. Possible amount of training (the amount you can prepare from March 2023)

7.1. Number of FPV pilots per month

7.2. Number of FPV instructors per month

  1. Are there current training groups? (if yes, please indicate the approximate number of people)

  1. What kind of support is needed?

In equipment

Methodological support

Support in forming groups


9.1. Briefly describe the forms of support if you selected “Other” in question 9.

  1. Additional aspects:

10.1. Acknowledgments for the training of UAV operators, incl. in FPV direction (specify if available)

10.2. Contracts with instructors

10.3. Other

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