When, a day after the announcement of mobilization, it became known about at least four military registration and enlistment offices set on fire, I wrote a small post , including basic recommendations on security measures during such actions. After that, he paid attention to security aspects several more times or gave links to sensible materials. At the same time, I understood that those people who set fire to military registration and enlistment offices or carry out railway sabotage most likely do not read my channel.

Since then, I have learned what the arsonists of military enlistment offices are reading. True, so far on the example of one case, but I think it is quite indicative. So, according to the case file, before setting fire to the military registry table in the city of Bakal, Roman Nasryev and Aleksey Nureyev studied materials on the manufacture of Molotov cocktails in the telegram channels “Anarchist Fighter” , “Rospartizan” , “Radical Bunker” (after rebranding – “E. R.A. ” ).

The guys, who are now facing 15 to life imprisonment, according to the materials of the case, read articles there about how to make incendiary mixtures. There are really a lot of such instructions out there. These channels also publish safety instructions. However, in my opinion, there are several circumstances why they do not become public, so to speak.

First, they seem to go second. Although, in fact, you need to start just with security.

Secondly, they are not fixed, and there is not always a link to a suitable safety instruction before the Molotov cocktail recipe.

Thirdly, sometimes these instructions do not contain some elementary things that may seem obvious.

The fact is that before a full-scale war and mobilization, the same “Anarchist Fighter” was focused on a narrow target audience, which, probably, already knew the basics of partisan security. Now, these resources are read by the most ordinary people who have decided to oppose the war. And they may not know ANYTHING about the security and methods of the special services.

We suggest to all the aforementioned and unmentioned distributors of partisan training manuals to think about popularizing not only militant methods of resistance but also knowledge of security and conspiracy. A hundred people behind bars is a disproportionately large payment for the actions that took place in a year.
Try this method of popularizing knowledge.

Two or three times a week, posts will be published with safety tips and examples of why they should be followed. With the hashtag #школабедокура It is possible that when tips come in a line or a list, some of them fall out of attention, otherwise I will dwell on each aspect separately.

And, of course, we encourage the mentioned channels to repost these records and / or make their own manuals, which will be fixed or will accompany all incendiary instructions. Let’s do everything possible so that people who are now taking Molotov cocktails or something more serious do not sit down.

Why are private courts needed?

Let’s pay attention to the current situation in Russia

The country is controlled by terrorists recognized by international organizations

The inhabitants of the Russian Federation do not have the opportunity to hope for justice and the protection of justice. After all, the courts of terrorists are nothing more than a circus and clownery turned into courts

And what about ordinary people? Where can one find protection from the arbitrariness of terrorists without falling into the chaos of violence?

A solution has been found for this. Private court. Its peculiarity is that it is not state-owned, does not have a monopoly on violence and cannot tell others how to act.

At the same time, such courts have the authority created by their fair reputation, it is fair decisions that make a private court a publicly recognized court.

It is not the license of the court issued by the state by the terrorist, but the gaze of the people, that determines what is a court, but what is a clownery depicting the legality for planting children for posts on VKontakte

Yesterday, the first-ever hearing of a private trial of members of the terrorist organizations CPE, FSB and the “trial of the Russian Federation” for organizing a kidnapping took place

The people occupied by terrorists have no choice but to create an alternative, fair system of justice. If the terrorists are not subjected to a fair trial and punishment, they will continue to use their fake “courts” to terrorize the population.

We must take justice into our own hands. We can show people that the court is a source of justice, not terror.

Thanks to everyone who was not afraid to participate in this initiative, history is made by decisive

By Treadstone 71

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