Russian authorities start to post checklists and rules for how to deal with disinformation. What they do not realize, is they are tooling their own citizens to filter out Kremlin lies. Examples below:

Sometimes in a difficult situation it is difficult to remain calm, especially against the backdrop of current events in the world. However, there are simple rules that will help you not to panic. They were listed by the psychotherapist Leonid Gartsev, reports “Medic Forum”.

First, the doctor advised me to try to distract myself, no matter how difficult it was. It would be nice to do simple, everyday things, said Gartsev, for example, sort out the dishes. This usually helps. Secondly, you need to communicate more with loved ones, but do not forget that they, too, can be agitated and need support.

It is very important in the light of the current events around Russia and Ukraine to be able to filter information and understand what is true and what is fake. “If it’s hard to cope with the information wave, switch off. Choose a person you trust and receive reports from him, ”advised Gartsev.

In moments when it is difficult to remain calm, it is better to refrain from making decisions, the psychotherapist continued. He explained that during a period of emotional outburst, you can make a lot of mistakes. It is also important to understand that any crisis is a phenomenon that will be resolved sooner or later. The main thing is to believe in the best.

If you can’t cope with the problem on your own, you need to contact a specialist, summed up Gartsev.

It has been previously reported that stressed people are more likely to become victims of scammers

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