Inhabitants of the Crimea!

Remain calm, but be vigilant! sabotage group penetrated the territory of the Crimean peninsula!

A group of 12-20 people, the likely location of the catacombs, garage cooperatives.

Remember if you saw someone buying large amount of food, mostly canned food, about three days ago, moved by 2-3-4 men, one sociable, with a characteristic accent. Even on the BEACH they will be in sneakers.

The group is all together yet they may be disbursed on the beach. They are wiry strong, not local, suspicious.

Until the evening they can stay on the beach, washing away the smells of explosives with sea water. They use push-button phones, probably purchased in the Crimea.

Do not make contact, deadly! Call 112 urgently.

By Treadstone 71

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