We made a lot of revelations about Afkar System and its activists in the past. A front company affiliated with the Sepah Intelligence Organization, which is responsible for cyber surveillance of many innocent demonstrators, hacks Iranian targets, steals information and details of innocent compatriots, and conducts cyber attacks on civilian targets of other countries.  

We had many revelations about the activists of this company. Ahmed Khatibi, the CEO of Afkar System, and Nik Ayeen is one of the hackers of this company, about whom we exposed, and the US government also issued a criminal order against both of them and put them under sanctions.

Regarding the terrorists, Ahmed Esfandi (alias Ahmed Movahed), the head of the hacking and infiltration center of the technical and cyber command (2000), Hamid Reza Nemati (alias Hamid Reza Naimi), the head of the technical and cyber command (2000), and Mansour Ahmadi, the CEO of Naji Technology, A front company that we revealed.  

But we have received new information that clearly shows what terrorist filth is operating in Afkar System, affiliated to the IRGC Intelligence Organization:

Ahmed Khatibi and Nik Ayin were arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence and were charged with hacking without coordination with the Ministry of Intelligence for the purpose of extortion, drinking alcoholic beverages and sexual relations with female employees of Afkar system and sent to Evin prison, but with the mediation of Ahmad Esfandi and Mansour Ahmadi and with a bail of 30 Billions of Rials, they were released by Nabi Dehghani, Deputy Prosecutor of the 6th Branch of the 21st District of Tehran Media and Subsidy Crimes.

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The disgrace is even more than this:

1. During the trial and with the direct order of two cyber terrorists Ahmed Esfandi and Mansour Ahmadi, these two defendants (Ahmed Khatibi and Nik Ayin) hid the hacking and extortion of one of the allied countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2. We were informed that the targets of this allied country were hacked and extorted from them with the permission and coordination of the Sepah Intelligence Organization. It is a natural thing, because this company do not drink water without the permission of Ahmad Esfandi and Hamid Reza Nemati. You can see that the national interests of the country have fallen into the hands of thugs.

3. With regard to the use of alcoholic beverages and sexual relations with women, these two defendants are members of the same company which is affiliated to the Sepah Intelligence Organization! they were released In the days when our innocent compatriots are being slaughtered in the streets for demanding their natural rights, you can clearly see what a cruel system has taken over the administration of the country’s affairs. Hoping to eradicate this corrupt regime as soon as possible.If you want to know what allied country these terrorists hacked and what extortions they made, follow us…

By Treadstone 71

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