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Twitter storm for condemning the execution of 52 Muslims by Al Saud.

Thursday, November 25 at 19:00


Corresponding Chatter

Twitter, which is in their own hands, see how humiliated we are, we must speak against them on their own platforms, O God

It’s funny, Seyyed Vala, Twitter storm, our own youths are being beaten by Saudi terrorists, then we should mourn them.

They are like us… Shiites or Sunnis who fight against the oppression of Al Saud and are on the verge of being executed… Think globally.

This is a serious warning before disaster strikes…

When we see that Omid Dana, who had a long-term plan to penetrate the hearts of the people and especially the revolutionaries, waste himself on #Sedition of #Mehsa_Amini and abandons his plan and reveals his evil goal and calls for riots. he does …

When we see some #celebrities give up their social image and despite the possible confrontations [which we hope decisive confrontations will take place], they openly invite their followers from inside and outside the country to riot and subversion…

When some #female #actors and athletes, by removing their #hijab, they practically end their artistic and sports activities in the Islamic Republic and pay this cost, but they raise the #flag of war against the regime…

When a person like Maulvi #Abd al-Hamid [Zahedan Sunni Friday imam], who expressed his anti-system positions in a general way before the recent sedition, suddenly takes a position against the Islamic Republic system with sharp and fiery positions and striking literature. ..

A very, very loud alarm should ring in our minds…

The enemy is preparing new and heavier seditions with all his forces. These disgraced and self-sold people have come to the field with naked swords, and they are supposed to bring fire to those seditions, and revealing the true face of these people is the verdict. It has Yargiri before Fitna!!!

P.N.1: The bed of future seditions, such as Mehsa Amini’s sedition, will definitely be the media and media deceptions!

Milad Khorsandi

When are we going to use our weapons again?

#complementary | Martyrdom of two Basiji forces in Isfahan

Two Basij soldiers were martyred by rioters with firearms an hour ago.

According to the announcement of the public relations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Isfahan, 8 people were injured in this terrorist operation, of which seven were from the Faraja forces and one was from the Basij forces.

Martyr Mohammad Hossein Karimi was 30 and Martyr Mohsen Hamidi was 54 years old.

 Tonight, six people with three motorcycles attacked Basij resistance area of ​​10th Imam Ali al-Naqi, peace be upon him, house of Isfahan, opened fire on the forces stationed there and ran away.

Also, according to informed sources, three rioters were killed in today’s clashes in Semiram city.

Mr. government officials, you are the cause of this situation..

Collect this deplorable situation that you have opened as soon as possible.
Why not come and apologize to the nation for the wrong policies you did?
Something is really missing from you

Shia knows no borders
This Tudheni hashtag is counter to these Wahhabis

Security reports indicate that the rioters are planning to bring the ongoing riots into a much more dangerous phase on November 24, under the pretext of the anniversary of the November 1998 sedition. It is said that thousands of Molotov cocktails have been prepared in the country and the rioters’ agenda is maximum attacks on the security forces.

Over the past few days, several security guards have been assaulted and even martyred. Some rioters who are under intelligence surveillance are trying to attack many sensitive places.

In some reports, it is stated that events are expected to happen in several places in Tehran

Ayatollah Shab Zindadar, member of the Jurisprudence of the Guardian Council:

 On Thursday night, in the meeting held by the supreme leader of the revolution (regarding the recent riots), he said with a confident heart:

“There is no problem, since the beginning of the victory of the revolution, we have had many ups and downs. Today, it is a war between Islam and infidelity. Infidelity wants to dominate and stop the progress of Islam and divine values ​​and ideals. The enemies are upset. They are doing these things and there are people inside, but we should not have any worries. If we fulfill our divine duty, God will help us.”

“Anyone who can do something for the support of Islam and the system is forbidden to remain silent and do nothing”

The beginning of the phase of armed action in Iran

Wednesday’s events in Tehran, Izeh and Isfahan show that the separatists have entered the phase of armed action after the failure of the strike and riots. This action is done with the aim of inciting the people and police forces to create a civil war.
The separatists have set the agenda to increase the level of violence and conflict. Profane obscenities, brutal attacks on the police with cold weapons and now the use of war weapons to kill people show their new agenda.

In the past weeks, large quantities of weapons were discovered in different regions, which had entered the country from different borders. Previously, John Bulletin and some officials and agents related to anti-Iranian movements had announced that they had armed the rioters in Iran.

At the same time, some people and media are actually preparing the ground for terrorist acts with political, religious and ethnic incitement.

In order to prevent the possible killing of the rioters, the police insists not to use military weapons to control the riots.

Some recent events are historically compared with the events of the early 60s.

hit Saudi Arabia Bomb ISIS behind the border as well. Try the leaders of sedition, including Hassan Rouhani, in Iran. celebrity . Punish the athlete and anyone who is a traitor to the country and see if the situation calms down or not. Enough of appeasement

people are seeing exactly what is going to happen to them, you could not show this to the other party with thousands of discussions, after the World Cup, revenge will start both inside and outside.

1. With the public’s interest in the games, holding the World Cup has always been a favorable opportunity for the politicians of the colonial countries to advance their goals.

2. The track record of the political-military movements of the aggressor countries during the #World_Cup in the last eighteen years since the 1950 games is amazing.

3. In the neglect of public opinion during these games, America intensified its battles in the wars of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

4. England has made the most of the World Cup’s capacity to entertain the public in the post-World War era.

5. This country has always used the media coverage of the World Cup on the public opinion of the world in its colonial conflicts in Asia, Africa and Latin America, such as the Falklands war with Argentina.

6. In the last 70 years, the Zionist regime has taken advantage of the #World_Cup’s negligent capacity in public opinion against Arab countries, especially Palestine and Lebanon.

7. In July 2013, the #Zionist_regime started a 51-day war against Gaza by using this capacity of neglect. At the same time, ISIS also attacked Iraq from Syria and occupied its north.

8. In the #Qatar_World_Cup, which starts from the last week of November, the possible scenarios of the observers are aimed at all five continents.

A- The aggression of the Zionist regime to Gaza.
b- The Zionist regime’s invasion of southern Lebanon.
P- The aggression of the Zionist regime to Syria.
T- The aggression of the Zionist regime to Iraq.
D- Regime’s air attack on Iran’s #nuclear_facilities.

C- Intensification of Russian attacks in #Ukraine.
C- Intensification of attacks by the NATO coalition in Ukraine against the Russians.
H- Intensification of suppression of protests in cold and dark Europe.
K- Approval of more austerity laws in the #European_Union.

D- Intensification of #Saudi_regime’s attacks on Yemen.
z- Intensification of the Saudi regime’s ethnic cleansing in Qatif.
R- Intensification of the ethnic cleansing of the Bahraini regime in this island.
G- Strengthening the normalization of the Zionist regime with Arab countries.
G- Transfer of power in some Arab countries.

Q- Intensification of the conflict between #China and Taiwan.
S- Intensification of the conflict in the #Korean peninsula.
P. Intensification of the conflict between India and Pakistan and Kashmir.
Z- Intensification of genocide in Myanmar.

I- Intensification of conflicts in #Caucasus with Fitna Elham Ali F.
D- Intensification of economic-security instability in #Turkey.
A- Intensification of ISIS-al-Qaeda attacks in Africa.
G- Intensification of ISIS attacks in Iraq and Syria.

F- America’s #Centcom movements against Iran.
A. Intensification of attacks on American forces in the region.
K- Intensification of American-Turkish attacks on Syrians.
C- Intensification of instability in Central Asia.

L- Carrying out selective assassinations in the world by Western and Zionist services.
M- Destabilizing actions in #Russia.
N- Destabilizing measures in Belarus.
F- Destabilizing measures in #Venezuela.

E- Destabilizing actions in #Iraq.
Y- Destabilizing measures in #Iran.

 which, of course, the axes of possible scenarios predicted by the observers are more than this. But in the next month, you have to be careful. And the end for the pious.

Professor Hassan Abbasi’s

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