The IRGC’s statement in response to the attacks of the regime stormtroopers against Iranian citizens

Appreciating the intelligence, awareness and insight of the noble citizens of Iran in not going along with the organized conspiracy of the regime against the peaceful protesters in recent days, we consider the selfless efforts of the all the women who stand against oppression and false arrests.

Undoubtedly, the current murders, followed by violent and ISIS-like behavior in the face of the people by Iranian Regime stormtroopers, has resulted in nothing but shame and scandal. Coupled with another failure by infiltrating Basiji and Faraja units against the protesters by the enemies of humanity.

Expressing our sympathy to the family and relatives of the murdered “Mehsa Amini”, we request the judiciary to identify and deal decisively, fairly and instructively with the police, Faraja units, and Basiji rumor mongers and liars in the virtual and real world who endanger the psychological safety of the society.

By Treadstone 71

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