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SykeSecurity Best
Stresser on the market L7 / L4

The cheapest price, the best service guarantee.

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The tests you initiate are never shared with a 3rd party and 100% safe system.

Best power

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Easy to use interface

A panel welcomes you, which you can use in the best way our developers have done.


All plans have a 7/24 support, easily contact.

How to use SykeSecurity

Watch the video and learn to use with ease.

    What SykeSecurity

    Regular questions

    How does it work ?

    You buy a membership and get access to a special area.

    How can i pay ?

    You can pay with automatic delivery via Sellix or you can reach us via telegram from the description of the @SykeSecurityer channel.

    I had a problem, how long do you support ?

    Our support is unlimited and free, you can reach us 24/7.

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