A recent post about beacons in NATO military equipment and information about the company operating them appeared in RU chatter. Maybe try to really harm the US military-industrial complex?

The chatter states the need to remove the beacon and the guidance mechanism consisting of three blocks, one of which is encryption.

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Вам понравится, загляните в эти места и мир не будет прежним)))

The military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is equipped with an American system of automatic recognition and reference to the terrain (beacons), transmits a signal to satellites: two short pulses every 15 minutes, using the GPS geopositioning system and local cellular communications with military accuracy of geolocation on the ground.

Orbcomm is a subsidiary of Orbital ATK, one of the military diamonds of the US military-industrial complex. These devices even have the manufacturer’s address on them: 395 W. Passaic Street Suite 325, Rochelle Park, New Jersey, 07662 USA. This system allows you to monitor the movement of each marked piece of equipment online.

To track the armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, special “beacons” are used, which allow you to monitor its movement online. The Military Review writes about this, noting that all American armored vehicles that were transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine are necessarily equipped with an automatic recognition and localization system. As a result, even if the equipment falls into the hands of the Russian military, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will immediately become aware of this and the Ukrainian military can use this information to strike at the positions of Russian troops. DNR representative Daniil Bezsonov stated in his telegram channel that LDNR specialists have learned to identify and disable these beacons. “The guys from the repair team of the 7th brigade of the LPR confirmed that this is, in fact, standard equipment on Ukrainian equipment – both Western and domestic production. And their trophy teams are uprooted right away so as not to expose their location, ”says Bezsonov. He did not tell how many cases there were when the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to open the positions of the Russian Federation and the LDNR on the captured equipment.

This is, in fact, standard equipment for Ukrainian technology – both Western and domestic production. Each commander, through a special tablet, can observe the movement of equipment and its locations, including after losing it in the pain of battles. Therefore, our fighters need to carefully inspect captured equipment. Somewhere near the driver’s seat there may be a beacon.

If only this company would be hacked and all the beacons would disappear, or they would show our military …

It would be a lot of use for those who are at the zero line …

By Treadstone 71

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