Five IL-76 cargo flights and two AN-124 cargo flights carrying armored vehicles and troops to Kazakhstan

The image above is part of the Russian Air Force’s transport air traffic to Kazakhstan in recent days, which was recorded in just two hours.

The logistical capability of a large army is one of the main components of its power to be able to move large volumes of forces effectively, whether by air, land or sea, in a short or specified time. The US military is also the world’s leading and most powerful military in this regard, although the Russians have shown great strength in the issue of mobilization on the borders of Ukraine and the current of Kazakhstan.

A satellite image recorded two days ago at Kazakhstan’s Almaty airport shows the simultaneous presence of 15 Russian Air Force Il-76 heavy transport aircraft at the airport.

Another image is the cargo compartment of the AN-124 heavy transport aircraft so that you can understand the carrying capacity of armored and military equipment by this transport.

It is interesting to know that at present, the total heavy operational transport capacity, considering the army Il-76s and the IRGC and the army cargo B747s, is less than 15

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