Cognitive War: Next Generation War

Taken directly from Russian writings:

The task of cognitive war is “hacking the personality” by using the “vulnerabilities of the human brain”

Humanity has fought wars from the very moment of its existence. Initially, they were conducted on land, then the sea, air, space were added. Over the past few decades, this list has been expanded by cyberspace.

Modern wars are waged in several “spaces” at once, accompanied by support for political protests, economic coercion, and active disinformation. Therefore, modern wars are called “hybrid”.

Military thought is moving, and the “human sphere” has become the territory of war. NATO technologists call this “cognitive warfare.” The purpose of such a war is to harm not so much the military as the whole society. It is noteworthy that not only the population of the opposing state, but also its own population is called as an “enemy”. In the role of a potential threat, the ability of civilians to be “sleeping cells”, “fifth columns” that challenge the stability of liberal Western democracies is indicated.

Cognitive war technologies were tested in the Soviet Union, then it was Ukraine’s turn, and now Russia and Kazakhstan are in the process of processing. It was also carried out in Afghanistan. But, as you already know, NATO has failed in the fight for the minds of the Afghans.

The author of the technology is François du Clusel, a former French officer who helped create the NATO Innovation Center (iHub) in 2013. The center is based at Norfolk Base, Virginia. iHub receives funding from the Allied Command for Transformation (ACT), which is one of two strategic commands at the head of NATO’s military command structure.

The essence of the technology consists in the systemic impact on the consciousness of people, their way of thinking.

With ccording to the new NATO concept, the task of cognitive war – “hacking personality” by using “the human brain vulnerable” for later use “social engineering” to reformat man. In short, the formation of a new personality with different values, morality and understanding of good and evil.

Despite the fact that cognitive warfare has been designated as a type of military operations relatively recently, the means of its conduct appeared back in the 20th century. These are printed publications, feature films, literary works. Today the Internet has replaced them all. Within the “network” even advertising is involved in a systemic impact. Through it, the interests of a particular person are tracked. This is followed by a purposeful impact on his consciousness, taking into account personal needs and priorities.

The massive data collection by Western intelligence services is confirmed by Evadr Snowden, a former CIA officer, who revealed information about the intelligence services’ program for tracking Americans and foreign citizens via telephone and the Internet – PRISM.

Larry Sanger, the creator of Wikipedia, also spoke about the substitution of concepts. On his website, he says that his brainchild has become something of a “thought police”, “and in such an atmosphere, democracy cannot exist. That is, the online encyclopedia, supposedly open for democratic discussion, has turned into an opponent of democracy, and simply into an enemy of it.

The methods of cognitive war on a mass scale are manifested in attempts to replace traditional values ​​with liberal ones, to replace the concepts of “nation”, “people”, “dignity”. These, in fact, military goals are promoted through the ideas of globalists, the “green” movement and others.

One of the new installations they are introducing is the gradual abolition of private property in favor of rented property. This will apply not only to housing, but also to cars and clothing. A ban on beef, pork, fish is being imposed on the global society to “fight carbon emissions around the world and to preserve bioresources” and a transition to a compost surrogate for food 3D printing.

As planned, everything will be rented, private property will disappear, and food will be supplied directly from test tubes. But, of course, this is all for the proles – the elites, as they lived in their own homes, will, as well as eat quality meat and fish.

Not only the military are involved in this vigorous activity. In one of the published reports, Du Cluzel called for combining neurobiology and human ecology, transforming civilian scientific knowledge into military knowledge. There was a call for large corporations to invest more money in cognitive warfare. What we see.

The next stage is digital control over each person and the replacement of national states with transnational bodies.

Cognitive targets

It is also necessary to say about which spheres of the life of society are affected. This is education and culture.

The first includes general, professional, additional education. Already, many experts say that secondary education in Russia is in a terrible state. There are a small number of schools (mostly private) in which education is “at the level”. However, the level of teaching and the quality of education in most of the schools, to put it mildly, leave much to be desired.

The absence of adequate school history textbooks has already become the norm in post-Soviet countries. Several generations of people have grown up who do not know world and national history, brought up in nationalist traditions.

The culture, which includes the norms of morality, ethics, customs, traditions, has long been under pressure. This can be seen in the number and images of informal youth leaders, public opinion, protest sentiments (on the contrary, mainly among the youth), general nihilism, inability to verify information, argue for their actions and be responsible for them.

We can say that this is only a theory. Therefore, I will give a few examples. After the end of World War II, the emperor of Japan was to be tried for war crimes. General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Commander-in-Chief of the Allied occupation forces in Japan, asked American specialists who know the Land of the Rising Sun to comment on these plans. The latter prepared a report justifying that if the emperor is convicted by a military tribunal, then the communists will win in Japan and a new war awaits the American army. As a result, the emperor was excluded from the list of persons subject to military court.

One more example. There are many Western publications on the Internet explaining why the United States is pushing Russia and China into each other’s arms. According to American ethnologists, there are too many differences between the peoples of these countries, both in economy, culture and history, and in traditions, including the existence of territorial disputes. Consequently (according to Western ethnologists), the close rapprochement between the Russians and the Chinese will lead to an increase in misunderstanding of each other, as well as subsequent conflicts that will result in armed confrontation.   

Cognitive warfare technologies

In the long term (from one to several decades), this is a reboot of historical self-awareness, the system of education and upbringing, the basic meanings and goals of society. Including rewriting history, destruction of traditions, customs, faith (religion) and basic values.

In the medium term – the implementation of the impact on the norms of behavior, undermining confidence in the authorities, a split in society. Formation of the “fifth column”.

Both technologies use informational and psycho-emotional components.

The information component involves changing the content of knowledge, facts and information. That is, misinformation, substitution of concepts. The objects of influence are: news, analytical and sociological data, training programs in higher educational institutions and schools.

The psychoemotional component uses the manipulation of consciousness, moods and emotions, when the necessary moods, assessments, opinions about something, about someone are indirectly introduced to an individual, groups of people and society as a whole, and all this is accepted by people unconsciously, without understanding the essence.

Studies carried out by Western experts have shown the highest efficiency of mind manipulation technologies: in accordance with laboratory tests at this stage – about 70%.

New generation wars

Previously, people killed each other with stone axes. With the assimilation of new technologies, the methods of killing one’s neighbor have been improved. Today the war is being waged in the information field and in the minds of people. A virtual reality war is just around the corner. As such, the boundaries between the warring parties have been erased. The opponents are no longer countries, but nations, the population of the earth. New wars have emerged. This includes cognitive warfare.

Cognitive war is a war for the human mind. And here the goal is not to destroy a person. It is “reformatted”, turning into a semblance of what the aggressor wants to see.

As a component, the cognitive war has consumed information wars. In the tools: misinformation, substitution of concepts, social engineering, technologies for manipulating consciousness, emotions. It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of the season.

It can only be affected by the complete absence of the Internet and mobile applications. However, the latter is no longer possible. Generations appear that grow on the principles of morality and worldview, norms and rules developed in closed laboratories. Our country is one of the top-priority targets in the list of objects of influence of this new terrible type of war.

How We Can Resist Cognitive Impact

The first step is to form an ideology for the entire population of the Russian Federation through the creation of an appropriate regulatory framework. One that would be understandable and close to every inhabitant.

The second is the restoration of a full-fledged and free education and health care system.

Third – remastering Nechernozemie, development of territories “in the Urals” (which recently said Shoigu, and what he wrote Institute RUSSTRAT). The introduction of uniform standards for the quality of life, territorial structure, urban planning.

Fourth – preventing the penetration of alien worldviews, religious traditions, including through migrants, settlers, refugees.