STARK3.0 is a tool for website penetration testing and data collection

It is a site penetration testing tool. The tool collects information about subdomains, checks ports, checks the (Admin Panel) and (SQL Injection) vulnerabilities. The tool works on Termux and all operating systems and the tool creates fake pages and other options

1- Information gathering tools 
2- phishing tools
3- create payload
4- port forwarding (http, tcp) 
5- sql dorking 
6- md5 or more hash decryption (comming soon..)
7- Capture a photo (back front)
8- battery information (with health, temperature, more.,)
9- text to speak (offline)
10- flash light (bruh noob)
11- basic talk system
12- DDOS Attack
13- website admin page finder 

Tool download link from github  موقع