#Khamenei whines about #Soleimani images being removed for violating community guidelines

A new post on Khamenei’s website complains about images and calls for violence against the US being removed. Incitement of violence across the globe is fine as long as it is not local. If there is any dissent in Iran, the Basij and IRGC quell it.

Khamenei can access Social Media platforms while citizens are blocked with Dezhfa. Iran opens access when convenient and when the Basij troll factories need to post disinformation.


We removed your post because it goes against our Community Guidelines on violence or dangerous organizations. We have these guidelines because violence can make some people feel unsafe on Instagram.

Instagram has announced that it has blocked or deleted accounts and posts that use the image of Soleimani on Instagram, in accordance with the laws of the US government. Soleimani headed the IRGC, designated a terrorist organization in the United States.

More on the operation to remove Soleimani January 2, 2020


Khamenei’s response? Cancel culture actions against any social media platform removing their propaganda. Sound familiar?

Here is the notice sent to many:

No to the virtual assassination of Shahid Soleimani / Revenge on Instagram! I could not do anything in that painful midnight, but now I can prevent his virtual assassination. If all the virtual activists in the Google Play software give the Instagram app the lowest score, ie one, this action will cause a sharp decrease in the Instagram score in Google Play, and as a result, the value of the shares of Facebook, which owns Instagram, will fall in the stock market. It will be a great loss for shareholders. This trick has been done by Palestinians and Iraqis in the past and it has worked. So if you like, please join this campaign and send it to your friends

Note: EXPOSED – A great time to track Iranian cyber operations and Basij trolls across social media. Whether in English or Farsi (below). Also track. Sympathizers in the US, the EU, and beyond.

 لطفاً همه بخوانید و برای دوستانتان هم ارسال کنید

⚫️نه به ترور مجازی شهید سلیمانی /  انتقام  از اینستاگرام!

⚠️ در آن نیمه شب دردناک کاری از دستم بر نمی آمد ولی حالا میتوانم از ترور مجازی او جلوگیری کنم. اگر تمام فعالان مجازی در نرم افزار گوگل پلی به برنامه اینستاگرام پایین ترین امتیاز یعنی یک را بدهند این عمل باعث کاهش شدید امتیاز اینستاگرام در گوگل پلی شده و در پی آن ارزش سهام کمپانی فیسبوک که مالک اینستاگرام است  در بورس ریزش پیدا خواهد کرد و این امر ضرر زیادی برای سهام داران خواهد داشت

✍پ.ن:این ترفند در گذشته توسط فلسطینی ها وعراقی انجام شده و نتیجه هم داده است. پس لطفاً اگر دوست داشتید به این کمپین بپیوندید و برای دوستانتان هم ارسال کنید

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