Russian Army S-500 defense system

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced on Thursday that the country is designing its first new S-500 air defense system.

Speaking to reporters, the official revealed that the next-generation weapons system had completed “military tests” and that production of the first elements of the system was under way.

However, Borisov clarified that there are still settings in the system.  The first set of equipment to enter service is not yet the full range that the military wants.

The S-500 missile system will replace the S-300 and E-135 and complement the S-400. 


The S500 is a Russian mobile defense system capable of colliding with ballistic missiles and aircraft.

The launch launcher of this system has been seen in dual tests so far. This system has the ability to fire missiles (76N6), (76N6N) and missiles (77N6N1).  The last two missiles are to be installed in bulk on this system.

The missile has a solid fuel propulsion and has a range of 600 km and an operating altitude of 200 km.

This missile is the first Russian missile that does not have a warhead and destroyed it by hitting itself with an attack missile.  (Like the American Todd system) A missile without a warhead has a higher speed and higher altitude of action.  Since this missile has a speed of about Mach 24, its impact on any target destroys it.  The missile has a guidance system in the radar line of sight (that is, until the missile hits the target, it finds the path of the last target location from the system radar).
The system can also fire missiles (40N6) for the S400 system.

The S 500 System Discovery Radar is a 91N6AM radar, which is itself a version of the Bigboard (91N6) radar, which is the S300 and S400 radar.

This version of the radar is said to have a detection range of 640 km and is said to be able to track 450 targets, or 300 targets.

The Detection and Conflict Radar (96L6-TSP) is an upgraded 96L6S 400 radar.  The radar has 360-degree coverage and has the ability to track 100 targets (specifications for the S400 radar are not known from the S500 radar, but because the S400 radar is upgraded, the numbers can be close).

The S500 is said to be capable of colliding with 10 targets, including aircraft and cruise missiles from 400 km and ballistic missiles from a range of 600 km.

The system has the ability to engage a target with a speed of 18,000 kilometers per hour and others have a speed of 25,000 kilometers per hour.

This system can deal with ballistic missiles with a range of 4000 km.

This system has so far been installed on a truck (open 6909) which is also used by the S400 system.  This truck has 10 wheels (it also has 6 and 8 wheels).  Steering commands are transmitted to the 4 front wheels.
The detection radar also has an 8-wheel killer (open 6403) installed.

The detection and collision radar also has a 10-wheeled truck (open 6909).

The system is said to be operational in 2022, although some Russian sources have reported that the system will be operational near Moscow.