Iraqis in Karbala Reject Anything Iran – Internet access terminated

A hashtag “let it rot” is circulating on social media through which Iraqis call for a boycott of anything under the ‘made in Iran’ brand.

Internet access in Iraq shut off November 5

پچڕاندنى هەموو خزمەتگوزارییەکانى ئەنتەرنێت لە بەغدا و هەندێک شارى دیکە

▫️ دەوڵەتى عێراق بۆ بەرگرتن و بڵاونەبوونەوەى دەنگى خۆپێشاندەرە عێراقییەکان، ئەنتەرنێتى بەغدا و زۆر شارى دیکەى وەستاندووە!


Iraqi activists have tweeted that the campaign aims at economic sanctioning of Tehran and applying economic pressure in the hope of reining in the latter’s intervention in Iraq.