Huge explosion near a Shia Mosque in Kandahar

Earlier today an explosion (likely a PBIED) occurred at one of the largest Shi’ite mosques in Taliban’s spiritual stronghold of Kandahar during Friday prayers. Initial reports indicate at least 25 dead, 12 wounded. The death toll is expected to dramatically rise.


🇦🇫 Reports of a blast hitting a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s Kandahar during crowded Friday prayers.

The last one was claimed by ISIS-K.

The last one was also done by a Uyghur terrorist from Xinjiang province, China, which was also a covert message to China, who has close relations with the Taliban and plans for vast infrastructure projects in the country. The presence of chaos in Afghanistan might deter Chinese investors who are worried that terrorists might attack their projects. Let us wait and see if this terrorist attack was also done by someone whose origin has some kind of geopolitical significance.