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Since the beginning of the FASTER program of the US federal government, the world has witnessed the emergence of cloud spies, tools such as XKeyscore, MARINA, Pinwale, etc. have been built by the NSA, and considering that only a part of these projects have been leaked, we know that this spy  Software is non-stop sucking all the world’s Internet data and all sent and received packets like a black hole.
That is to say, the moment you connect to the Internet, you are actually connected to one of these systems, and your ‘all activity’ is eavesdropped on.
The program does not pay attention to you until you have performed suspicious activity according to the algorithm, for example by searching for words related to terrorism everywhere, or the names of some people or some training and downloading special programs or accessing certain places under the program’s suspicion.  You are placed.
The Prism and X-Score programs can also predict your future searches.
This enormous power of eavesdropping comes from the fact that the backbone of the world’s Internet and major Internet companies such as Icon, Arpanet and Ayana is located in the United States, and Apana gives all the IP and suffering of the Internet to other countries, and it seems natural that the service  US intelligence and the CIA and NSA Joint F-6 site abuse the Internet provider for global surveillance.

And even if we choose to live in a cave, we will not be safe.  Infiltrate and the curtain is useless against them.

Third part:

In the second part, the PGP encryption program against CIA and NSA spyware such as xkeyscore is successful, and for this reason, Iranian users who search for PGP and GpG4win on the Internet or seek to download this program by US spyware and intelligence equipment are said to be successful.  Are suspected and the system that seeks PGP is likely to be compromised and data mined.
And this is a sign that this software protects against them.
Of course, there is a long list of words that the search for them arouses the curiosity of this huge artificial intelligence.
It was recently revealed that Qassem Soleimani had changed his phone three times in the 6 hours leading up to the assassination.
And now you can see the traces of these spyware in this assassination.
  Changing the device and the phone had no effect and the program had detected that Qassem Soleimani changed his mobile phone every 2 hours and the user’s identity was revealed each time he held the new phone.  And the location of the moment could be easily tracked using the phone’s GPS.
Even the microphone that all mobile phones have is a listening device for spyware, the spyware turns on the microphone and starts recording sound from the environment to a distance of a few meters without us noticing.

For ordinary people, there is no need to worry, all you do is chat and search and search, download, visit history, IP, username and passwords, etc., but as long as there is no threat to the national security of the United States or the intention  Do not take significant criminal action, no one will read your data except the robot.
These programs automatically log into any system, phone, account, or email, and scan all activities and typed words to identify potential threats.
  The main concern of politicians is the leaders and presidents and military officers and important people of the world who are always under the surveillance of these programs and even they are not safe.  Which could be connected to the Internet with any device,
For example, if your co-worker picks up your phone or laptop and uses it, xkeyscore will find out that the person using the device is not you.
This program gets your exact pattern, habits and program, and is able to guess your future activities and searches, and with any system anywhere in the world, online, it will detect your spyware.


DNSCrypt software and simple dnscrypt

To encrypt DNS requests and secure web browsing using the DNSCrypt protocol
The complete DNS protocol is not secure and is not encrypted and is a way to eavesdrop on your traffic,

This program converts all traffic between DNS and server and ISP and router, which includes all your data, to secure tunnel traffic and two-layer encryption, which provides excellent protection against all kinds of attacks and eavesdropping, such as: MITM-DNS spoofing – and ..  Becomes.

This project is open source and an OpenDNS product and is at a high level of security and is also used to maintain security against data mining of intelligence spyware.

 Download for all operating systems from the official site: dnscrypt.org

 * Easy and automatic download version for Windows (photo): simplednscrypt.org


dns map
DNSCrypts in github |  2
Download YogaDNS super secure browser
site for DNS Leak Test online

# حداکثر_امنیت

معرفی چند ابزار فوق امن و کاربردی برای در امان ماندن از جاسوس بی کران، PRISM و xkeyscore  و کسب اینترنت آزاد، حفظ امنیت و دیتا و اطلاعات شما در مقابل مکنده های ابرجاسوسی وب

برنامه PGP
قوی ترین نرم افزار رمزنگاری و برقراري ارتباط امن

برنامه DnsCrypt
نرم افزاری قدرتمند برای حفاظت و رمزنگاری ارتباطات شبکه و DNS و کارت شبکه

سایت nextcloud.com
یک فضای امن ذخیره سازی ابری اطلاعات، استفاده آسان و آنلاین و رایگان
 Open

Introducing some of the most secure and practical tools to stay safe from infinite spyware, PRISM and xkeyscore and gain free internet, protect your security and data and information against web spy suckers

P PGP program
The most powerful encryption and secure communication software

Ns DnsCrypt application
  Powerful software for protecting and encrypting network communications and DNS and network cards

A secure cloud storage space, easy to use, online and free


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