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By the gace of Allah the Afghanistan have protest today in Kabul demanding death to Pakistan shiite government for joining with Shiite Iran and gay-white-god American settlers (they don’t like you use the word invaders or crusadors, they claim they are merely “settlers” looking to plant weeds of dajjal in the gardens of allah).  Pakistani ISI, Iran and the American settlers mafia is worship the gay-white-god-dajjal and Allah is now exposing them!!!  DEATH TO PAKISTANI SHIITE RELIGION OF GAY-WHITE-GOD, DEATH TO IRAN SHIITE RELIGION of GAY-WHITE-GOD
Allah does not beget, nor is he begotten.  Allah make Man FIRST, and make women SECOND.  That is in the religion of Jews, Christians and Muslims who all agree that Man was created FIRST, and woman was created SECOND.  Muslim is not against the woman, muslim is against putting the children to rule the parents (rather than the parents to rule the children). 
In the lands of the gay-white-god kufar, the son is the boss of the father!!!
Imagine, Allah create Adam First, and he live and learn and gain wisdom for trillions of years before Allah create Eve from Adam.  So Eve is trillion years younger than Adam, and yet the kufar say Man and Woman is same age, same wisdom!!!  Mashallah the question about which gender should rule this earth is not a question about male vs female, it is a question of older (and wiser) vs younger (and less wise).  There is no bias against woman in Islam.
Yet the gay-white-god-dajjal American settlers claim they must make the woman and man equal everywhere.  But how?  How do you rewind time and ask Allah to create Adam and Eve at the same time, in the same way, using the same identical materials?  Akhwan this is not in any of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religion that believe in story of Adam and Eve.  The gay-white-god mafia hate the story of adam and eve because it dispute their entire dajjal religion of gay delusions claiming that man and woman do not exist in reality and that god does not exist in reality, but if god does exist they say he can only exist as a gay-white-man!!!
Akhwan the delusion of the kufar is massive. 
Allah does not beget, nor is he begotten.  Only humans engage in biologic reproduce, Allah does not contain himself or birth himself into any human body to show preference to any race.  This delusion is the reason why American gay-white-god settlers crime family is attack the entire earth with dajjal plan. 
And today they lose the war of 911.  Allahuakbar, the mujahideen who fight the lie of 911 are finally Victorious. 

You should stop posting ur statements .This channel is just designed to share media not to debate with brothers .Be patient ! soon the soldiers of khilafah will take them down in the land of khorasan .Everyone is aware of apostates emarate they fights to protect their opium fileds they call shias their fellow muslims .Mollah Dadullah rah the supreme commander said that if someone of us try to sit with crusaders to make a peace treaty with them . This would be a grate shame and we will together cut their heads off. Temporary alliances are allowed as long as sharia law prevails. 
But anything with Jew United Nations is apostate. 
So I trust the Taliban word more than Pakistani ISI and the gay-white-god settlers mafia. 
Exactly ISIS-K and taliban can coexist but be prepared for temporary alliances. There is no alliance for talibans.
The apostates will gonnna taste the swords of khilafah soldiers. 60% the majority of talibansI met their memebers as always they used to make takferr with no evidence just saying that the salafis and Wahabi are away from true path.Also one mentioned that they bring true and strick sharia  he passed by words is isis are khwarijis for bringing strick sharia.Yes slayer you speak truth brother, strict Sharia after the third caliph. But watch Taliban will ally with Chinese instead of white settlers. Chinese enslave Uyghurs and we will see if taliban support this. We must wait.
It is amazing, I am looking at the news of the kufar, they are still say that any Muslim who is asking American to leave Muslim country is terrorist!  The Muslim fighting for independance from gay-white-god mafia  is all terrorist!!!  They claim Allah is a terrorist!!!  Everyone who is not worship the gay-white-god is terrorist!!!  Akhwan it looks like there is about 8 billion terrorist on this earth, and 250 million  gay-white-god kufar.  I fight for the independence of 8 billion terrorist from the 250 million kufar that is trying slave them

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