Lobaev Drone Chatter

Dear military personnel! As well as employees of the Russian Guard, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and volunteers!Again, I remind you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to turn off the transponder programmatically for the Mavic 3 mini pro drone. No way. No matter how hard we and our colleagues try. We are writing this because the admin was inundated with questions on this model. The answer is - don't buy it. Or use it…

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Latest Islamic State Chatter

As posted: By the gace of Allah the Afghanistan have protest today in Kabul demanding death to Pakistan shiite government for joining with Shiite Iran and gay-white-god American settlers (they don't like you use the word invaders or crusadors, they claim they are merely "settlers" looking to plant weeds of dajjal in the gardens of allah).  Pakistani ISI, Iran and the American settlers mafia is worship the gay-white-god-dajjal and Allah is now exposing them!!!  DEATH…

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