Statement of the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding protests – Here comes a flock of wah wahs


For the past few days, a number of people in Kabul and other provinces have taken to the streets in the name of demonstrations, disrupting security, harassing people and disrupting normal life. All citizens are informed that for the time being, they are not trying to hold demonstrations under any name or title.
Because the protests must be legal, permission must first be obtained from the Ministry of Justice, security agencies must be put in place to ensure security, the purpose and slogans of the protest, as well as the venue of the protest, the beginning and the end.  Timings and other details must be shared with the relevant authorities at least 3 hours in advance and permission must be obtained.
Accordingly, the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Emirate informs all citizens that until the entire legal process has been completed in this case, no one should protest and cause concern to the citizens.
It is also possible that some groups are threatening the security of the protesters in order to achieve their nefarious political goals.  Therefore, in case of violation, the responsibility for each incident will be shifted to the violators and they will face severe legal action.
The Islamic Emirate addresses the legitimate demands and rights of all citizens and must be given time to take the necessary steps to address other issues once security is restored.  والسلام
Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
2/3/6 Hijri – 2/3/4 Hijri Solar
2021/9/8 m