Where Every American is a Spy

The acute paranoia of Iranian leadership drives hardships in Iran. The same paranoia ensures a common enemy is continuously thrust into the minds of Iranian citizens.

IRGC chief commander: We import vaccines only from countries whose products are sure to be safe

  • ▪️“Due to absolute distrust, we cannot trust the enemies and allow them to inject the vaccine solution into the bodies of our people, because we know that in the enemy’s strategy, paralyzing the Iranian people is a definite goal.”
    • Hides the fact that Covid-19 is uncontrolled in the country while a thinly veiled pointer to the West as the cause for limited vaccines.
  • ▪️“Using biological weapons is an integral part of the enemy’s military approach. Can the enemy be allowed to inject our people with its vaccine solution, which we do not know what is it?”
    • Claiming that the West uses biological weapons is a false conspiracy theory again deflecting from the regime’s inability to care for its people.
  • ▪️“They are asking why they [Iranians] do not import vaccines from America. [They ignore the fact that] even now, Americans do not allow us to unfreeze our money to buy vaccines. How are they going to justify this contradiction? We are working under these conditions.”
    • Stop exporting terrorism to Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen while trying to cause unrest in every Sunni-majority Arab country.  Why do you spend trillions of tomans on nuclear weapons when you cannot provide drinking water and medicines for your people?
  • “Our country is different from all other countries in the world, because while we are facing this mysterious and complex global disease … at the same time, we are also facing the most severe and intensive global sanctions. We cannot use this nation’s money, which has been frozen in other countries’ banks by the US, to buy medicine, vaccine, and [other] pharmaceutical and medical articles,” General Salami remarked.
    • We have no money complaint while oil money is used for the IRGC, military, and ruling elite.

Unfounded whining and complaining while Iranian citizens need action not paranoia and weakness.