Samarra TV hacked by Neo Cyber

♦️ Urgent: With a special operation, the Samarra satellite channel website was hacked. With the ability to write comments for visitors anonymously.
Link to check:

And there was a barrier between them and what they desired, as was done to their followers before, because they were in suspicious doubt.

Defaced BY Neo Cyber ​​Team

Hacked by New Cyber

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

And you in retribution, O men of understanding life

To Faisal Al-Samarrai, director of the Samarra channel, the channel’s staff and the Samarrai tribe: Your immoral tribe and over the years have produced only killers in your master’s time and today you are graduating students for your master’s daughter, curse be upon you all

Samarra’s channel is nothing but a tail for the “October” snake, Raghad.

So be wise and change the poisonous approach that your channel is taking .Be careful of your Baathist Daesh cadre, or you and your cadre will be an example to those who consider

There was a deception between them and what they desired, as was done to their people before, when they were in dubious suspicion.  Sheba 54


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