PressTV Seized!

When will we see Russian sites go?

IRAN’S Response:

We stand in full solidarity with Press TV and the other news outlets that were seized by the so-called “beacons of free speech.”

The US government does nothing when sites like PornHub host videos of rape and child pornography. It’s not an accident – the US government is made up of pedophiles. This sick hypocrisy when it comes to internet censorship is all the more reason for Iran to follow President-elect Raisi’s call for building up Iran’s cyber infrastructure and creating its own hosting platforms instead of relying on the West’s.

To clarify, whatever disagreement we have with the direction of Press TV after 8 years of the liberal Rouhani administration’s cognitive infiltration of Press TV – either indirectly through the spread of philosophical liberalism among Iranians or directly by placing reformist-minded people in the channel – all of these are constructive critiques meant to encourage PTV to be the voice of the Islamic Revolution once more, and not to speak from the voice of liberalism or even Western leftism.

These issues we hope to resolve privately, as some of our admins and even many of our subscribers have tried to respectfully put pressure on the PTV editorial staff to return to the vision of Imam Khomeini, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Prophet’s family, instead of the current secular liberal materialist approach. It is better that it is resolved privately through Press TV supporters putting their feedback forward in emails or direct messages than for alternative media Telegram channels like ours spilling our list of grievances to our nearly 13K subscribers, as such public drama does no one good.

Hopefully Press TV catches on to the spirit of justice and popular governance that is the theme of the Raisi administration and respond to the calls of the Muslims who are concerned about their liberal direction. As Allah says in the Qur’an, He does not change a society until the people change themselves first. For Raisi’s popular government of justice to reach its max potential, all members of society – especially public officials – must implement such principles in their own lives.

This seizure of their website by the American regime is proof that appeasing the sensitivities of Western liberal elites by using the tone of voice of liberalism will not safeguard anyone from the eventual wrath and punishment of said liberal elites. Press TV’s original mission is to be the voice of the voiceless, the voice of the oppressed masses, and according to the Islamic definition of oppression, not the secular materialist definition.

Liberals only make up a small portion of the world’s population, whether it be the elite globalist officials of the UN and other NGOs, or whether it be liberal Zionist university “dissident” professors like Noam Chomsky – they do not resonate with the average person, only a handful of people in liberal coastal cities like New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and Los Angeles.

The majority of people of the world are economically socialist and socially religious/conservative. They too define issues of justice according to divine guidelines, whether Christian or Islamic, and not according to liberalism or materialism. Peru’s President-elect Pedro Castillo is a perfect example of this growing global awakening.

Islamic Iran’s strategic strength lies in the power it has among the hearts of the masses, not the liberal elites. Iranian media should have that same approach of tethering their support to the hearts of the masses of the English-speaking world, not the hearts of liberal elites (whether elite politicians or faux liberal Western Sorosite “dissidents”) and God willing they will have the strength to overcome this criminal act by the American ZOG.