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Search for viruses. Open source virus archive.

Hello everyone, have you ever wondered where to get viruses?
You don’t have to think any more, because there is an archive of OpenSource viruses.
They can be used for different purposes: to analyze malware, see the inside of a virus, and so on.

This archive is theZoo, and it lies quietly on GitHub. I warn you right away, this repository weighs about 750 MB.

▪️apt install python git
▪️git clone https://www.github.com/ytisf/theZoo
▪️cd theZoo
▪️pip install -r requirements.txt

▪️python theZoo.py – run the framework
We enter “YES” at the first start.
A menu will open where you need to enter commands.
▪️help – help, help
▪️list all – show the entire table
▪️search android – search for malware by keyword, any word in place of android
▪️use 10 – select a specific malware by ID in the table, the desired ID in place 10
▪️get – download the selected malware
▪️info – information about the selected malware
▪️exit – exit the framework
When downloading malware, 4 files will be loaded: .zip (archive with viruses), .pass (password for the archive), .md5 and .sha256 (they are needed for comparison).

The source code of the viruses is located in the directory:
theZoo / malwares / Source / Original /

Virus executable files are located in the directory:
theZoo / malwares / Binaries /

theZoo on GitHub

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