Lab Dookhtegan Exposes Iranian Hacking Ops – UAE Bahrain

طبقه چهارم: بخش شماره 46 مربوط به گروه کنترل پروژه با مسولیت حسینی و مهدی حاجی رحیمی (دکتر رحیمی) میباشد. دکتر رحیمی مشاور ارشد محمد باقر شیرینکار مدیر کل شرکت ایلیانت گستر نیز محسوب میشود.
همچنین در این طبقه بخش 47 مربوط به مرکز مطالعات ایلیانت گستر نیز قرار دارد. فاحشه زهرا غلامی زاده مسول این بخش همچنین مسولیت انجام تحقیقات و جمع آوری اطلاعات به هدف هک و نفوذ به اهداف مختلف بر علیه کشورهای جهان، بر علیه امنیت ملی و زیر بناهای آنها را بر عهده دارد.

Fourth floor: Section 46 belongs to the projects management team led by Husseini and Mehdi Haji Rahimi, known as Dr. Rahimi. Dr. Rahimi is also the senior advisor to the Eeleyanet Gostar’s CEO Mohammad Bagher Shirinkar.
Section 47, Eeleyanet Gostar’s research center, also located on the fourth floor. The prostitute Zahra Gholami-Zadeh, who is in charge of this section, also leads the research and information gathering for hacking and infiltration purposes, targeting other countries’ national security, infrastructure and more.

You can see how this company, led by the cyber corps of the Revolutionary Guards, hacks and evacuates information from the compatriots of Sistan and Baluchestan, Kurds, Ahwazis and Azeris.
We promise to inform all these compatriots about the operation of Iliant Gostar Company headed by Zina Shirinkar.
Interesting how after informing these compatriots, Iliant Gostar Company and its employees who are under our disclosure will be safe!
For information!  The women of the study center who are responsible for all this tragedy are working in the fourth floor of Shahid Abadeh house.  As we mentioned in previous revelations, the address of this spy nest: Tehran Pars, Javadieh 16576, Shahid Mohsen Abadeh St., No. 77, coordinates 35.73111000 / 51.55313900.

Here you can see some of the licenses of Mohammad Baqer Shirinkar’s corps for the purpose of operating various projects of Iliant Gostar company under the cyber corps.  Projects against MPs!  Against Kuwait, Italy, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, etc.…
In the following, we will expose the projects of Iliant Gostar Company with the direct approval of the killer of Mohammad Baqer Shirinkar.  These projects are aimed at harming the national security of countries and are often against our compatriots:

گزارش پیشرفت پروژه های اقتضایی – آبان 98
نوع پروژه کد برنامه عنوان پروژه توضیح پروژه درصد پیشرفت شکلی درصد پیشرفت خروجی
فنی اقتضایی حسنا شورای ملی مقاوت 95 86
فنی اقتضایی الف زیر ساخت اعلام و گنبد 28 20
فنی اقتضایی MOFA-ka اطلاعات وزارت خارجه کویت 65 100
فنی اقتضایی MOFA-ba اطلاعات وزارت خارجه بحرین 60 100
فنی اقتضایی MOFA-om اطلاعات وزارت خارجه عمان 62 100
فنی اقتضایی MOFA-ya اطلاعات وزارت خارجه یمن 60 100
فنی اقتضایی MOFA-it دسترسی اولیه از وزارت خارجه ایتالیا 70 20
فنی اقتضایی ناشر international 90 60

A. Announcement infrastructure and dome
Hunter 2 Action against the hypocrites other than the annual meeting
Lack of 2 sending mass messages to Bahrain
MOFA-ka Information of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MOFA-ba Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain
MOFA-om Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman
Yemeni Foreign Ministry Information MOFA
Aspect of the Aramco Daily Disruption Project
Samad economic project hit the Saudi stock market