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In our exposure today, we will be providing evidence proving that the Islamic regime’s cyber-terror truly knows no bounds:
We are exposing new documents showing plans by the Iranian cyber espionage company “Eeleyanet Gostar” (known also with its military name as “Shahid Shooshtari”), working with IRGC Cyber Unit, to hack the Content Management System (CMS) of the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo”.
As you can see in these documents, the regime is willing to use any method to promote the ideology of its Ayatollahs, even at the cost of abusing photos of those murdered in France, threatening French citizens, defacing French websites and spreading propaganda; all in the hopes of pushing the French people into a religious civil-war.
Additionally, in the first page of this document you can see these plans were approved in the month of Shahrivar 1399 (the month which began on September 21, 2020), under Rouhani’s reformist government. This shows there is no difference at all between reformist governments, such as Rouhani’s, and conservative governments, such as Raeisi’s, the new President “elected” by the people!

Lab Dookhtegan is urging the European leaders to protect their countries and not to fall for the ploys of the terrorist regime.

We expose here additional documents from the Iranian cyber espionage company “Eeleyanet Gostar” (known also with its military name “Shahid Shooshtari”), which include also “the order to proceed with the operation” of hacking the Content Management System (CMS) of the website of the popular Iranian opposition TV channel “Iran International”.

Last year, the IRGC Cyber Unit asked the “Eeleyanet Gostar” to hack this TV channel’s CMS in order to sabotage its official website, to publish lies by the regime, and even to change and destroy this organization’s news archive.

The recent Iran International’s exposure of the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s recorded audio, where Zarif criticized Ghassem Soleymani and the IRGC, infuriated the regime. Accordingly, the regime’s terrorist authorities, including the IRGC Cyber Unit, considered Iran International’s hacking a highly prioritized action.

We informed the “Iran International” about this hacking prior to exposing these documents so they could protect themselves against this regime’s vicious actions.

As you see, nothing but nothing, is safe from the Islamic regime’s cyber terrorism; neither other countries nor our compatriots and news outlets outside Iran which are our only voice.

We declare that the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has no right to exist.

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