Dynamic password activation guide (one time password) for all banks in Iran

There are three general ways to get a second-time password:
۱. Receive a second one-time password with SMS
۲. Receive a second one-time password using the USSD code
۳. Get a second one-time password with the Banks Mobile App

Each bank may use one or more different methods to provide a second password to its customers.

Here’s a full list of all the banks’ apps

Application ▪️ from the National Bank website
Cryptographic application from Bank Mellat site

Software Rima from Saderat Bank website
Software compatible with Tejarat Bank website
Encoder application from Sepah Bank website
Software Rima from Agricultural Bank site
Password app from Mankan Bank site
Shop by Refah Bank by Serial Number
Encryption application from Saman Bank site
Aras Software from Novin Economics Bank site
Parsian Bank Card Software
Bank Mobile App (with Pasargad Bank)
Software Rima from the Future Bank website
Banking software from Shahr Bank website
Aras Software from Bank D website
Aras Software from Sina Bank website
Capital Bank Encoder Software
Appan Software from Ansar Bank website
Tourism bank affiliate software JB encrypted software from Qavamin Bank
Software with Entrepreneur Bank
Dynamic password application from Middle East Bank site
Aras Software from Hekmat Iranian Bank website
Disposable encoder code from Post Bank site
Encoder program from Bank of Industry and Mine site
Software with the Bank for Development Cooperation
Bank Encoder Software of Iran Bank