Armed men have stormed and hijacked 4 ships off the Emirati port of Fujairah – Heading toward Iran

It is said that this ship was in fact a Singaporean oil tanker and collided with a sea mine at a considerable distance from the shores of the port of Al-Fujairah in the UAE. UKMTO believes the Asphalt Princess was boarded by a group of armed individuals. They are looking to see if they are Iranian military or proxies.

The ship Asphalt Princess captured in the Gulf of Oman under the flag of Panama is heading towards Iran

Update: Situation still remains unclear and fragile off the coast of UAE. List of ships in the immediate vicinity to the reported incident and ships that have their AIS status changed to ‘Not Under Command’ following the report as attached.

Iran hijacked tanker Asphalt Princess, Lloyd’s List confirms.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says it is not responsible for the hijacking of a ship in the Gulf of Oman.

Reuters: The Iranian Revolutionary Guards deny the involvement of Iranian forces or their allies in a ship incident off the coast of the UAE, and says this is a pretext for a “hostile act” against Tehran.

According to western news, some unknown pirots attempted to hijack a ship and force it to sail to Iran.

Any similar incident before involved the IRGC Navy publicly, makes no sense to bring up so much heat now and not do it themselves.

On the navigation system of GOLDEN BRILLIANT it is written: “The ship is not under control

— BREAKING: AP reports now that at least 4 ships off the coast of UAE have spiralled out of control

The United Kingdom’s Maritime Trade Operations center now refers to the incidents as “possible hijacking”.

An Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson has called the events “highly suspicious” and warns for false flag incidents created for political purposes.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations is now referring to an incident under way off the coast of the United Arab Emirates’ Fujairah as a “potential hijack.”

Russian Perspective

Off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, several commercial ships reported loss of control at once.  Among them are the tankers “Asphalt Princess” and “Golden Brilliant” and the asphalt carrier Kamdhenu, located in the Gulf of Oman.  An Airbus C-295MPA patrol aircraft of the Omani Air Force flew to the scene of the incident.  The ships could become a target for an attack by unknown persons.

On the night of July 29-30, the chemical tanker “Mercer Street” was attacked by a kamikaze UAV in the Gulf of Oman.  The explosion on the ship killed British and Romanian citizens from the crew.  Western countries blamed Iran and its allies for the incident.  The United States, Great Britain, Israel and Romania have already promised to answer Tehran for the terrorist attack in which civilians were killed.  What the answer will be is still unknown.

Tehran denies any involvement in the incident.  Nevertheless, the “tanker war”, which has been going on for more than one year, has drawn Iran, Israel, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other countries into its networks.  The parties to the conflict are not going to come to an agreement, which deals a strong blow to security in the region.  Moreover, new participants are being drawn into the conflict – for example, the militants of the Yemeni Shiite movement Ansar Allah.  In December last year, they attacked a tanker in a Saudi port with a kamikaze UAV.