Ghostsec hacks H.R.V.A.C in #Israel

the H.R.V.A.C in #Israel has constructed and maintained airports in Israel that are also used
as airbases. Specifically Ben Gurion International airport(Lod Air Base)
These people need to be , nonviolently, held responsible for their role in assisting the Israeli
military’s crimes against the #Palestinian civilians.

we also Dumped everything else from the HRVAC Website. Website is also Downed


H.R.V.A.C credentials and dox

Usernames and passwords:
orit, roro
ruthy, 6124
eharel, eharel1(CEO credentials)
vferdman, vferdman
shayd, shayd
dyoung, dyoung
tomer, tomer
uharel, uharel
mlasher, mlasher
igarms, igarms
yborenshtein, yborenshtein
ronbenjamini, ron007


Executive emails:

Eitan Harel(CEO) Phone number: Spam SMS or call this number for the fun of it
+972 8 6274122

#OpIsrael #freepalestine #GhostSec


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