Assalamualaikum, greetings.

we were informed that there are some parties trying to take advantage in the name of DragonForce Malaysia and this has caused some confusion among followers who follow the development of DF.  For information ,

we have never appointed a representative or declared ownership publicly in public.  we also do not have any group on Facebook or Telegram as in the following picture.

And it would be embarrassing and disgusting if a person who claims to be the owner of the Dragonforce group openly views pornography and unabashedly shares pornographic links.  This action is very irresponsible and violates ethics as a Muslim.

We would like to inform you that We are not responsible for any actions of such individuals on all illegal activities and as a religious person.

We will also not be responsible IF in the future the individual or group intends to collect donations on behalf of DragonForce or be involved in the sale of DF shirts, OR if they commit any hacking activities on the Malaysian website.

we will not hesitate to reveal the identities of all Facebook admin groups or their Telegrams to the authorities.

If you are in a group run by him and their friends.  Our advice, leave immediately before it’s too late.  The end of the pen.

The good comes from God, the bad is because of our own weakness.

In the beginning, this tungkuhelper bought a domain without our knowledge and our pm on the page.  in the beginning we had no doubts about him and we continued because that was also one of the main objectives of DFM, creating a community.

A few days after the forum was launched, we began to suspect the actions of the tungkuhelper who started claiming to be the owner of DragonForce and started flaming and cursing other forumers with rude words.

He also confused the existing teams in Indonesia such as Ganosec and Padang Blackhat by creating a DragonForce whatsapp group and influencing people to believe him by spreading false facts.

We also received complaints from tengkuhelper using the name H4X0R and once made a fraudulent sale of clothes using the name DF at some point in the past.  He also claims to have a title from ceremonies like “Tan Sri” where he does not have this title.  This is a clear offense in terms of Malaysian law.

So from this claim, the initial precautionary measure we took was to migrate the domain to a new domain i.e.

As a result of the postings from the official Facebook of DragonForce Malaysia and the Telegram channel, to some extent he has tarnished the name of DFM with his words (pornography) as a Muslim.

Hope this explanation can explain a little bit what really happened.  We are also not responsible if their group is involved in fundraising, fraud, selling clothes or hacking Malaysian websites and the Malaysian government.

Finally, the good comes from God, the bad comes from myself.

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By Treadstone 71

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