Iran’s poor ranking in the quality of monitoring index

The Quality Supervision Index is a parameter that assesses the ability of different governments of the world to formulate and successfully implement proper regulations for the development and strengthening of the private sector. This index is reviewed and rated every year among 193 countries by the World Bank from positive 2.5 to negative 2.5 and the result is published. Privatization is an important administrative, financial and legal process that governments in many developed countries carry out to reform their economy and administrative system with the aim of balancing government and market so that people can control their own market and economy, and private enterprises

Replace state-owned enterprises. This process will eventually lead to the elimination of monopolies, the expansion of popular competition, job creation, development and the fight against government rents.

The government of Singapore ranks first in the world with a positive 2.15, and in the Persian Gulf region, the UAE ranks 1st in the region and 40th in the world, and Iran with a negative 1.4 is in the last place in the regional monitoring quality index and 180th in the world.