Makran launched – Floating Chopper Base – Iran

Iranian Navy fleet will be receiving a new forward base ship named “Makran”

The first and largest forward-base ship in the Middle East, “Makran”, was launched by the order of Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces.

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Some of the stated missions of the Makran forward base ship includes deployment of special forces, logistics support, treating wounded, transporting and operating radar and missile systems, basis for fast boats and carrying out SAR missions.

It also is able to facilitate flight vehicles such as Sea King & Sea Stallion helicopters and VTOL UAVs

Among the stated missions of Iran’s new IRINS Makran Forward Base Ship:

  • Deploy special forces
  • Carry out SAR missions
  • Base for fast boats
  • Logistics support
  • Replenishment and transfer of supplies
  • Treating wounded •Transporting and operating radar and missile systems

Aviation facilities include •2x AB 212ASW •2x ASH-3D ‘Sea King’ -ASW and SAR capabilities •1x RH-53D ‘Sea Stallion’ -Minelaying and mine-hunting •Tactical ‘Pelican’ VTOL UAV -Reconnaissance

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Length 228m Beam 42m Draft 14.7m “Net weight” (displacement?) 106,000 tons