Leaking of data of Israeli citizens and companies

Today we will leak some of the data that we have obtained from some sources.

The first leak includes an initial sample of Zionist identity cards from a database of more than three million Zionist citizens.

The second leak came from hacking the Zionist “humor” website. The leak contains thousands of accounts and includes user ID, email, user name, user level, timestamp,
MD5 passwords can be used by hashes.com to decrypt them and user accounts start at line 1625.

The third leak from the ransom group “N3TWORM” includes about 9 gigabytes of data for Veritas, one of the leading companies in the field of logistics services and dominates all areas of the supply chain, global freight and customs clearance, advanced logistics, road transport, communication and information systems.

The leak includes details of the company’s customers, bills, worker details, and payment information