The Jeurusalem prayer team’s Facebook page is no longer working

In recent days, news has spread that this page has won more than 70 million likes without the consent of its owners, as many people reported that they found themselves liked the page without knowing it in the first place, and many people searched their friends by canceling the likes and reporting on the page and then  Banned.
And accusations were leveled against Facebook that it placed those likes for that page, but this talk is mostly illogical, and Facebook cannot risk its reputation and credibility for the sake of the page ……….
Many experts in the field believe that the reason for the likes is due to two main factors:
1- Facebook games and applications:
There are a lot of games and applications that require great powers from the user, which we often grant them those powers without reading them such as (Know your appearance after twenty years, when will you get married, know who visited your account, etc.), or some old applications that exchange likes and comments such as Liklo and  AutoLike and others.
Where that page accessed these applications and games in one way or another (hack, deal) and then through it, it made those likes.
2- Computer networks and hacked phones (botnet):
There are some spy viruses that are widespread and very huge among all users around the world whose mission is to do nothing but perform specific actions at specific times (in our case, they liked this page) by implementing Javascript codes in the browsers of the victims.
Reason for closing the page:
The reason for closing the page may be due to two reasons:
1- Yesterday, news spread that (a Jordanian hacker named Ahmed Saleh) managed to penetrate the page and close it (there is no official source confirming this information).
2- The second and most credible reason is that a large number of Arabs and Muslims in the Arab countries and the countries of Asia, East and South Asia reported the page to the Facebook administration.
Between this and that, what we care about is that the page has been closed, and in order to protect ourselves from participating in such campaigns we must secure our accounts on Facebook by deleting old or strange applications and games that we have granted powers, by going to Settings> Apps and Websites.  And then delete every strange or old application that we have granted powers by deleting the application by clicking on Remove and then Save, as shown in the image in the comment.
And then checking the computer or the phone by the protection programs.