What Happened To The Iranian Wooden Carrier?

After the recent Great Prophet 14 Military Exercises in Iran and the Persian Gulf, many ask, what happened to the stationary, fake aircraft carrier? Well, we have negligence:

The latest masterpiece of the IRGC ‌‌ is the transformation of a cardboard aircraft carrier into a semi-submersible floating barrier, which is a threat to Iran’s own shipping.

The corps of the IRGC navigation team has been submerged near the mouth of Bahonard port at a depth of about 14 meters, and if they do not define a costly project to crush or pull it out, it will become a high-risk point for both the country’s two largest ports and naval base.

When they want to drown, they do not drown. When they say how many times they have used it, they drown in a way that they can do nothing about.

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