Olga Marushchenko, the wife of the founder of the PMC “Mar”, Aleksey Marushchenko, turned to me. Posted on Instagram. The profile is closed. I can’t check.

But according to her, the husband is not in Belarus, but in St. Petersburg. Sleeps nearby. And tomorrow he will go to sue everyone who wrote that he was arrested in Minsk. Well, they say, there will be a refutation too.

According to Olga, PMC “Mar” was liquidated four years ago.

On the development of the situation with the detained PMCs in Belarus.

1. A criminal case was initiated against the detainees under the article “Terrorism”. This was announced by the head of the Security Council of Belarus Ravkov.

2. The topic of restricting access to the Internet in Belarus for the pre-election period, up to a complete shutdown, is discussed. This information was actually confirmed by the Security Council of Belarus.

3. The wife of the former head of the “MAR” PMC Alexander Marushchenko reports that her husband is now in St. Petersburg and the PMC has been liquidated for 4 years. However, according to the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the company was legally closed only in 2018. According to my information, her owner changed in 2018.

4. Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Krivonos proposed to transfer the detained citizens of Ukraine to Ukraine in order to “strengthen normal relations with it.” According to him, he submitted an official request.

5. Presidential candidate Dmitriev said that at an emergency meeting of candidates in the Central Election Commission of Belarus they were informed that there is information about the possible preparation of the formation of two groups of militants near Pskov and Nevel, for organizing provocations in the elections. “up to 170 militants who threaten the elections.”

6. Also in Minsk yesterday was detained the Russian political strategists Shklyarov, who used to work for Sobchak. Tikhanovskaya officially announced that she did not cooperate with him. Tikhanovskaya’s husband’s arrest was extended until September 29.

7. The wife of an unregistered candidate Tsepkalo was summoned for interrogation at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belarus. Also, unknown persons in civilian clothes detained Tsepkalo’s wife’s sister (probably the KGB of Belarus).

8. A meeting of Tikhanovskaya is scheduled for today in Minsk. Yesterday, the movement of the military in the Minsk region was noted.

The previous batch of “PMKashnikov” was able to fly out of Minsk a little over a week ago⚡️

This project @wargonzo became known from a source in the Belarusian special services.

The Russians detained in Minsk belonged to an organization that transferred its employees to a third country in two batches.

The first group was able to fly freely from Minsk airport to their destination. The second was waiting for the next board.

This information confirms the information previously published by the @wargonzo project that “PMKashniki” coordinated their route and stay on the territory of the Republic of Belarus with local security officials.


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