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We asked RighTel first to pay 5 BTC to prevent the database from being sold, but nobody cares about that.رایتل Record Count: 5,510,867

This database contains complete profiles about Iranian mobile subscribers on RighTel operator.
5,500,000 Records
1,000$ >> BTC


MySQL Database Columns:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Father Name
  • National No.
  • Birthday
  • ID-No.
  • ID-Issue
  • RighTel Mobile No.
  • RighTel SIM Card Serial No.
  • Other Mobile No.
  • Phone
  • Full Address (City, Region, Street, Alley, No., Block, Floor, Unit)
  • E-Mail
  • Postal Code

The next and untrue claim of #Rightel’s statement is that no document is available except for 9 records from customers. Email documents show that since the first e-mail (June 5), 5,000 records of subscribers’ information have been e-mailed to #Ritell by hackers. But gentlemen, don’t raise your voice.A copy of this information is now available to the learner.

Rightel says:

Rightel’s response to the news of the release of 5.5 million subscribers’ information

“Rightel subscribers are our biggest asset, and retaining the privacy and privacy of our subscribers is one of Rightel’s basic and definite principles, and the news about the extortionist’s request to Rightel is a lie,” Rightel said. 

According to Rightel Public Relations:

On June 12 of this year, the operator received 5.5 million subscriptions from its subscribers through the media during an individual claim.

The man claimed that he had asked Rightel for 5 bitcoins to refrain from publishing the data and provide it to Rightel, and after Rightel’s refusal to pay, he proceeded to sell the data via the Internet for one thousand dollars, which Rightel strongly denies this negotiation and request.

This operator states that so far no document has been obtained other than the 9 published records about the theft of information of 5.5 million subscribers of this operator, which shows that the review of these 9 records shows that 6 records are very old (1994 and before). And in practice, these subscribers are no longer active on the Rittel network.

There are three active records from the number of declared data, which shows that the information in question is very old.

Studies have shown that there is no possibility of online theft of this operator’s data, and Rightel uses skilled and skilled protocols, and these protocols have already been intensified.

Rightel’s main story is about the dissemination of information by human origins that took place in 1994 and before.

In this regard, we ask the media to refrain from spreading any rumors and to follow the news through Rightel ports.

According to the mission of Rightel Communication Services Company, in order to respect the rights of subscribers and ethics, the necessary judicial measures to deal with the perpetrators of this issue are being seriously pursued.

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