Battle Aftermath – Multiple Cities Fall in Libya including Tripoli International Airport – Hospitals in a Shambles

Turkish intervention in Libya via GNA support. Haftar and Erdogan probably can’t be trusted to not open the Libyan migrant floodgates. But the difference is Erdogan having not one, but two migrants routes to use against European political adversaries.

Geolocation of #GNA forces inside a hanger at Tripoli International Airport, #Libya32.673856, 13.162252

GNA forces completely captured Tripoli International Airport.

Following the defeat of the forces of the Caliph of Haftar, today the forces of the Libyan National Unity Government also captured the international airport of Tripoli.

Hafter helicopter captured by UMH


Yesterday: Under pressure from GNA advances an Antonov 124-Ruslan reportedly left Bani Walid airport with the main contingent of LNA forces present


Libyan Army (GNA) spokesperson Mohammed Gununu: We will not allow warlord Khalifa Haftar’s militia groups (LNA) to hide in Bani Walid town.


GNA Operations Room in the Western Region: Today the city of Tarhuna has been captured.

Footage of GNA forces in Tarhuna City

Footage of LNA forces withdrawing from Bani Walid


GNA Ministry of Health: More than 106 bodies were found in Tarhuna Hospital belonging to civilians, including women and children, most of them died recently

Video from Tarhuna Hospital showing multiple bodies/body bags stored

Contradictory interests in Libya in North Africa have led US allies in the region to openly and broadly confront the warring parties. In a letter to the Security Council, the UAE (a key supporter of General Khalifa Haftar) lamented the efforts of the Al-Wefaq (FAZ) government representative at the United Nations to divert attention from Turkey’s dangerous operation in Libya.In fact, during the official letter, the UAE targeted not only the Faizal Saraj government based in Tripoli but also Turkey. “What Turkey is doing in Libya is a clear violation of international law and Security Council resolutions. The UAE also continues to support a political solution He stressed the need for peace in Libya and described Turkey’s military intervention in Libya as “critical” of the humanitarian situation in Libya.

Erdogan: Our soldiers, through their struggle with their Libyan brothers in Libya, are recently marching towards achieving the targeted plans.


Tripoli, Tarhuna and all other sites in the region have been cleared by our Turkish soldiers and their Libyan brothers.

According to LORC-LY: Both Haftar (Commander of the LNA) and President Agilah of the House of Representatives were in Cairo since the morning. Both men are expected to meet with President Sisi. Egypt is trying to end the rift between the two men as they contemplate next moves in the face of GNA/Turkey military victories in western Libya.

Ambush of government forces and consensus against the forces of Khalifa Haftar around Tripoli, Libya

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