ANDRAX: Mobile Pentest Platform

NetHunterApril 29, 2020

ANDRAX is the first full-fledged mobile penetration testing platform developed for android.

– “Why the first, because for a long time there is kali NetHunter ?!”

Well, because kali nethunter is much less optimized relative to andrax, also andrax already has all the necessary programs and most programming languages are supported, while in NetHunter you need to reinstall everything in separate packages.


can be installed on any Android phone (version 5.0+).

optimized for minimal hardware resources

terminal emulator

well-organized tool system

full support for a large number of programming languages.

over 200 penetration testing tools

Installing ANDRAX:

Installation is simple, but you need to:

The phone had root privileges. If the phone does not have, there may be errors in the program

4.0GB free memory. After installation, you will need to download applications and packages.

Android 5.0 or higher. ANDRAX is ported for almost all devices with Android 5.0 and higher

If all points have been met, proceed directly to the installation:

1) Download from the official website of the utility:

At the moment, there are 2 versions of v1R (checked to work stably) and v2R (which is still under development, they may have some troubles at work, but everything will be solved over time) (think for yourself what to put)

2) Install:

3) Run, allow this application to use root rights:

4) Click OK to load all the necessary elements:

We can use it!

Tool list

Information gathering


Bind dns tools



DNS Cracker



Nmap – Network Mapper




Password hacking



John the ripper



MetaSploit Framework

RouterSploit Framework




Network hacking





And a bunch of all sorts of utilities)

In addition to all this, there is a terminal and minimalistic ide for coding, but minimalistic does not mean miserable and not convenient, on the contrary, everything is very worthy … The syntax is highlighted and there are even tips for certain files that are there, but eventually begin to annoy and we turn them off , well, like everywhere:) …

(A useful thing in such situations when you are sitting on a very informative pair at the university and you can continue to work on the code or there is simply no laptop at hand)

In addition, ide supports languages such as: C / C ++, Python, Go, Perl, Java and a bunch of others:

In addition, in the ANDRAX Mobile Pentest menu you can find more applications, such as: Hack RF (SDR), Orbot (TOR), Orfox (Tor Browser), GoldenEyE (DoS / DdoS), and additional utilities for each section.

Thus, using one andrax you can turn your mobile device into a truly serious device, and if there is another 855th Snapdragon there, then this portable device will not be inferior to the usual desktops with linux … lack of a keyboard?)